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DLB Meetings & Workshops

Mauritius Phase 2 partner consultation meeting

The core objectives of this Mauritius meeting was to share ideas and make decisions on the content of Phase 2 programme, but also consult and include additional partners to strengthen and broaden the reach of Demand-Leb Breeding. More information and document are available here. 

2015 - Ghana Demand-Leb Breeding workshop

The "Tomato Value Chain in Ghana" workshop took place in June 2015 in Ghana. All documents can be downloaded here. 

2014 - Nairobi Workshops

In 2014, we helped stage two Nairobi workshops in the area of demand-led plant variety design. You will find presentations from the first one lower down this page. The second, in November, was designed to help educators develop new training materials for Africa's future breeders. Our Foundation was closely involved as part of the new Alliance for Agricultural R&D for Food Security. All documents can be found below.

A first consultative workshop took place in May. The participants came from the public and private sectors, and from national, regional, Pan-African and international R&D agencies that support breeding for new plant varieties in Africa.