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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

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Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

"DLB benefits the whole value chain"
Ghanaian Professor Eric Danquah is a leading expert in our Demand-Led Breeding initiative. Based in Accra, he has played a key role in establishing the excellence of his institution, WACCI. We recently talked with him about topics ranging from breeding to barriers, and from funding to football. Here's the interview in English, French and German.
Sowing the seeds of farmer pride
This year's International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDAP) focused on pride and inclusion. We and many others want smallholders to break out of poverty. But how, for example, can a farmer with little cash get better seed and grow a profitable crop? In an IDAP editorial, our Director points to two crucial topics: access and risk reduction. What are your views?
SFSA employees speak up globally
The Foundation engages in debates worldwide. Our Indian ED recently moderated a WEF workshop. Colleagues have been speaking, inter alia, at the African Potato Association's conference, the Borlaug Dialogue in Iowa (see here), and the Asian Development Bank's Food Security Forum. There's more to come, e.g. at the European Venture Philanthropy Association. Our Country Director Bangladesh talked on local TV about farm mechanization and value chain integration. Planning a presentation yourself? Here are our Top Ten Tips.
Matchmaking offers hope in MLN battle
Maize Lethal Necrosis is destroying harvests across East Africa. However, help is now at hand. In Kenya, a new test provides fast, reliable diagnosis. Our Foundation linked up an innovative small Swiss firm with suitable partners in Nairobi. Together, they're making the test available to CIMMYT and local authorities who check maize health. Here's what a Swiss newspaper wrote in German, and some background in English.