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Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

SFSA: Who, What, Where & Why
Our new Review is about to appear. It charts progress in 2014 and 2015, but also takes a deeper look at the background to our work. Seeds, insurance, farmer support services, R&D and policy all get lots of attention. And there's a section devoted to some special individuals, including smallholders. You'll find previous Reviews here. This latest edition will also be available online. But if you're not yet on our mailing list and would like a printed copy, just send us your address.    
New video points to better future for orphan crop
Tef is the national cereal of Ethiopia. However, yields of this crucial "orphan" crop are far below their potential. A new film shows how an international team is improving tef - for smallholders and the whole country. Our Foundation has supported this work from the beginning.
SFSA continues wide range of publications
Our Foundation both delivers and supports publications on numerous topics. Recent examples include a chapter on water in "The World in 2050", contributed by our Director and the Head of Research & Policy Analysis. The latter has additionally published an article on food demand and supply, with policy implications in West Africa. Our former Honduran project on Jatropha also continues to generate papers. Here is the latest, on aspects of the plant's make-up and potential uses.
Africa runs its first ‘demand-led’ workshop
Demand-driven’ approaches to R&D can greatly increase smallholders' adoption of new varieties. African organizations, our Foundation and Australian partners are helping scientists connect breeding to farmers’ needs. A recent workshop in Kenya led the way.