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In developing countries, many smallholders have no access to appropriate farming knowledge, technologies or commercial markets. Linking small farmers to agribusinesses will enhance their capacity to improve the quality and quantity of the produce they offer, leading to increased income. That’s why the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture has developed commercially viable business models to facilitate access to a range of agricultural services from production to market. The business models are based on empowering rural entrepreneurs to fulfill the needs of the farming community. SFSA identifies needs and develops scalable solutions which are delivered by rural entrepreneurs on a commercial basis. Entrepreneurs are identified, trained and linked to value chain players to provide service and build businesses in their communities. The fully integrated business models enable smallholders to sustainably achieve higher yields and increase their profit. The business models entail the following benefits:

  • Building capacity by providing advisory services on agricultural production systems and marketing.
  • Improvement of productivity and quality of produce through access to quality inputs, technologies and post-harvest handling.
  • More efficient value chain as a result of linking smallholders to markets.
  • Income improvement, employment generation and livelihoods.

Syngenta Foundation desires to scale these business models in different regions to reach 200,000 farmers by 2020.

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