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Matchmaking offers hope in MLN battle

Maize Lethal Necrosis is destroying harvests across East Africa. However, help is now at hand. In Kenya, a new test provides fast, reliable diagnosis. Our Foundation linked up an innovative small Swiss firm with suitable partners in Nairobi. Together, they're making the test available to CIMMYT and local authorities who check maize health. Here's what a Swiss newspaper wrote in German, and some background in English.

Seeds of choice, seeds of pride

Our staff continues to publish articles. A recent example appears in Agriculture. This examines why Kenyan smallholders choose certified seed potato. Two SFSA employees are among the authors. Good seed spells food, income and pride - a topic of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. How can farmers afford better seed and grow profitable crops? In an editorial, our Director points to access and risk reduction

Studies continue to map West African ag

We've been working with MSU since 2009 on West African agriculture. MSU authors continue to publish papers. Recent examples look at linking smallholders to marketsfood security and cereals demand and prices. MSU also runs a photo contest. The winning 2016 student picture by Ryan Vroegindewey comes from our joint SRAI2 work in Mali. Like to hear what else we do in West Africa? Just ask.

For farm info, tune to local radio

February 13th was World Radio Day; the 21st was the UN's Mother Language Day. Radio in local languages plays a key role in farmer training. We work with Kilimo Media International to stimulate radio agricultural extension in Kenya. Crucially, our initiative focuses on "small" local languages. We're delighted with the results so far. See here why radio and language choice are so important for farming.


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