Tef spotlights the importance of plant science

Tef is a vital cereal for Ethiopia. Our partnership to raise its yields is not just the cover story of our latest Review. The work has attracted widespread attention and won prizes. A new portrait asks project leader Zerihun Tadele: "What inspires plant scientists and why is their job so important?" Tadele's many publications include a recent "bestseller" article on raising crop productivity in Africa through intensification.  

Training up youth for tomorrow's agriculture

Syngenta Foundation India helps train rural youth for new jobs around farming. Seven training centers for Agriculture Technology Assistants are hard at work. Project Coordinator Ravindra Katre told us more


New report highlights small farms' future(s)

Our recent conference with CABI looked at "the future of small farms". International participants discussed a wide range of topics. An illustrated report describes what they said. It's available in low resolution and high resolution. A new peer-review study echoes many of the views. Let us know what you think.     


Farmforce moves to benefit more farmers

We are opening the way to broader use of Farmforce mobile technology. A new subsidiary of Eisblink Holding aims to make the platform’s services available to many more smallholders worldwide. Here's further info in EnglishGermanNorwegianFrench & Spanish 

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