“Science and implementation? We’re one of the few to bridge the gap.”

From September, Simon Winter succeeds Marco Ferroni as our Executive Director. We asked him about farming, his recent past, thoughts for the future and some personal insights. Here is the interview in English / auf Deutsch / la version française

New book charts small farms' success

Our Advisor Emeritus, Partha Das Gupta, has published "Commercial Agriculture by Indian Smallholders". The book describes how our Foundation has moved with them "from farm prospects to firm realities". Here is a review. For order inquiries, please contact the publisher. For information on our current activities in India, please get in touch. 

"Radio is great for ag extension"

In Kenya, we support agricultural extension via radio. Providing information to smallholders in local languages helps raise productivity in areas so far under-served by farm broadcasting. Duba Nura is an extension officer in Marsabit County, and a regular contributor. He says: "When they hear it in their language, farmers rapidly use advice". We asked him to tell us more. 

Sad news and better

In Bangladesh, heavy flooding has devastated Santal communities with whom we work. We and many others are helping them recover. On a happier note, recent items on our website include an interview about agriculture in India. We've also several added Policy items, and extended our support for tef to 2028. A Swiss farming paper has reported (in German) on our support for a new ag planning tool. And - a new departure - we are now also sending our own tweets: twitter.com/syngentafdn. 

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