Agricultural Insurance Solutions: Sudan Initiatives

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Our work in Sudan

The initiative of The Arab Gulf Fund for Development (AGFUND), which is initiated by His Royal Highness Prince Tilal bin Abdul Aziz and the Swiss capacity-building facility, through their developmental efforts, contributed to funding the Syngenta Foundation for sustainable agriculture which has succeeded in tailoring affordable and innovative insurance products which have contributed to cover the needs of smallholder farmers in several countries.

Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture is transferring its experience to Sudan through collaboration with Ebdaa Bank for Microfinance to rural communities in which Ebdaa Bank operates.

A total of four weather index insurance products were designed using satellites, along with a specific app (Resilience app) to allow smallholder farmers to have faster payouts after climatic shocks, and this would increase the ability of fragile or rain-fed cropping sector to adapt to climate change, and hence reducing poverty and improving livelihoods.

Another collaboration with local Sudanese insurance companies was established for product distribution, which was accompanied by employee capacity building. Campaign programs to remove financial illiteracy, manage the family budget, make financial flows, open savings accounts, utilize surplus funds, and explain agricultural insurance services based on weather indicators and the benefits of electronic payment. Another creative educational tool is gamification was used, this has resulted in very successful financial awareness campaigns. Which have been in fourteen branches, in 8 states.

During the financial education campaign, a media campaign was launched under the slogan "Your Finance in Your Place, Your Insurance in Your Place," which produced introductory materials, radio broadcasts in the center and the states, and television broadcasts on national channels. Which helps in exceeding the number of targeted beneficiaries covered by the campaign, five hundred and twelve thousand clients.

Through these efforts, the number of beneficiaries of the insurance solutions reached 10,250. In addition, the confidence of those affected by low or excess rain was increased as a result of the successes achieved and the compensation for those affected.

The need for insurance is increasing, and farmers are looking for livestock insurance to be able to sustain their resources. As a result, Syngenta Foundation has started evaluating the feasibility of implementing an Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) product in Sudan to protect pastoralists from drought. Which is currently a startup initiative ongoing in collaboration with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). The results from the feasibility study will be published in December 2022 and a pilot scheme will be launched in 2023.

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Projects Factsheet

With support from AGFUND, one of our donors the Foundation has been able to implement 3 key projects. In a co-financing  model together with SCBF, these projects managed to reach

  • 11,000 farmers through a credit-linked weather index solution
  • 50,000 farmers directly

Our financial institution partner, Ebdaa bank For Microfinance supported the financial literacy campaign.

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Index Based Livestock

Feasibility Study with Dry-Run

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Product up-scaling support

Upscaling agricultural climate risk

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Financial Education

Providing solutions and ideas

Inclusive Financial Resilient bundled solutions for smallholder farmers

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

As a result of this partnership started between AGFUND and SCBF, numerous sustainable development goals among small producers in the agricultural sector have been achieved, including:

  • 1: No Poverty
  • 2: Zero Hunger
  • 5: Gender equality in the provision of services
  • 13: Climate action.