Biotechnology stewardship - Project activities

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is the umbrella organization for agricultural research for development in Africa. The Sub-Regional Research Organizations (SROs) and National Research Institutes form an extensive network, which is essential for the SABIMA project. FARA's Networking Support Functions provide additional in-house technical support in advocacy, communication, and capacity strengthening.
FARA is involved in the following SABIMA activities:

  • conducting a biotechnology capability survey and writing a report on the findings,
  • printing and disseminating the biotechnology survey report*,
  • identification of champions and project leaders in select countries, the SROs, and the stewardship management team at FARA,
  • training and mentoring in stewardship at FARA, SRO, and country level,
  • evidenced-based advocacy for biotechnology and biosafety through identified country champions,
  • awareness creation on issues of biotechnology and biosafety,
  • networking between FARA, the SROs, and country stewardship trainees in biotechnology management,
  • addressing appropriate capacity-building needs from the biotechnology survey,
  • travel to project countries for tasks including monitoring and evaluation,
  • writing progress and final reports.

* FARA published its 2009 Study Report in 2011. The content expresses the views of FARA, and not may not necessarily fully reflect those of all organizations involved in SABIMA, including the Syngenta Foundation.