China Dingxi City activities

Dingxi City activities

In Dingxi, we collaborate with the Dingxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (DAAS) and local government on potato R&D capacity building and introduction of vegetable varieties.

Potato Capacity Building

Two top breeding experts from the International Potato Center (CIP) were invited to conduct a five-day theoretical and practical training on crossing technology for DAAS, aiming to improve breeding efficiency. 

We translated CIP’s aeroponics production manual into Chinese for DAAS, and organized potato aeroponics set-up trainings by a Canadian consultant.

In addition, SFSA arranged an on-site PCR testing technology training for the Dingxi Potato Quality Inspection Department to improve potato quality control.


Based on local requests, we introduced 11 new vegetable varieties of five major crops (cabbage, tomato, cucumber, pepper and cauliflower) for field trials, and provided necessary technical training for growing these varieties.

As part of our efforts to strengthen local capacity, we invited representatives and vegetable technicians from local agricultural bureau to visit Shouguan Vegetables Expo, where advanced growing techniques were demonstrated.