China Gulang County activities

Gulang County activities

In Gulang, we collaborate with county government, station of vegetables, station of horticulture, and local agricultural cooperatives. 

Goji-berry development

SFSA supported the establishment of a 200-mu Goji-berry demo farm, in cooperation with the local agricultural cooperative. This demo farm is designed to support resettled poor farming households moved down to flat area from deteriorated living conditions at mountainous areas. The demo farm will also introduce advanced planting techniques to promote the planting level of the surrounding Goji growers.

We conducted a Goji-berry value chain and competitiveness study and organized a Goji-berry industry workshop in Gulang. In the meantime, we initiated a research project looking for solutions for tackling goji-berry root rot disease.


Based on local requests, we introduced 13 new vegetable varieties for field trials, in both open field and greenhouses, and provided technical training for farmers. In particular, we incorporated pest management training into existing government training models for horticulture. We also invited technicians from local vegetable station to visit Shouguan Vegetables Expo, where exchange with more advanced vegetable farming system was facilitated.