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Current opportunities



We are currently recruiting for two positions, described below. One is as Regional Director East Africa, the other as Policy Program Manager. The third (continuous) offer on this page is for Swiss social service (national "Zivildienst").

To apply, please follow the links below, rather than using our Contact mail boxes. Thank you!  


Regional Director East Africa 

A key member of our leadership team, the Regional Director is primarily responsible for:

* helping develop, evolve and implement our strategic direction in East Africa (chiefly Kenya)

* taking SFEA to successively higher levels of impact and influence on agricultural transformation & modernization

* identifying and engaging local partners, delivering regional strategy into our programs, managing and measuring their achievements 

* managing relationships with key private and public organizations in the agriculture sector

* managing and building team capacity, coordinating resources across sub-portfolios and supporting our fundraising

* ensuring local operations and compliance with policies and regulations.

Ready to rise to this challenge? Here's how, and further details. 


Policy Program Manager 80% - 100% 

Policy is an important pillar of our work. You'll find examples here.

We are now looking for the right person to: 

* Develop and manage selected policy research projects

* Support the Head of Agricultural Policy

* Help us better understand the changing context in which we operate

* Support our country teams, especially in relation to climate-smart, resilient agriculture

* Support sustainability analysis, policy advocacy, partnership and external engagement

The position is in Basel, Switzerland.

Sound like you? Here's further info, including how to apply. 


Swiss Social Service Volunteers

We welcome inquiries at any time from Swiss citizens applying to do Social Service ("Zivildienst"), normally in lieu of the national military draft. The Foundation has been an officially recognized employer for these volunteers since 2010*.

To apply for Social Service with us, or to ask for further details, please get in touch by mail. Please note, however, that you must previously have completed either your "RS" or "langen Einsatz".

Wir nehmen gern schriftliche Bewerbungen in jeder Landessprache der Schweiz (ja, in jeder) oder auf Englisch entgegen. Sie sollten noch mindestens 90 Diensttage zu leisten haben, gerne deutlich mehr. 

Die Hauptsprachen beim Einsatz sind Deutsch und Englisch. Gute Kenntnisse in Französisch oder einer anderen stiftungsrelevanten Sprache sind nützlich. Der Arbeitsort ist Basel; Unterkunft können wir leider keine anbieten. 

The Syngenta Foundation is one of many organizations offering service opportunities. But why would young men choose us instead of the army? What do they do when they get here? And how do they find it? We asked one of our volunteers exactly that (and a few other things !). See what he answered, in English / Deutsch / français