Executive Director statement

The Foundation's commitment - and mine

Agriculture will continue to be a fundamental instrument for development and poverty reduction in the decades ahead. The key group requiring attention are the hundreds of millions of smallholders in developing countries. Sustainably improving their prospects is the task of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture. It is also my personal commitment.
The Syngenta Foundation focuses on small-scale farmers and the services, agricultural technology, and links to markets with which they can improve their production and livelihoods. Our overarching goals are food security for all, sustainability, and agricultural transformation that helps close the gap between rural and urban incomes.
Achieving these goals is only possible through partnerships, which use complementary assets to maximum advantage. The Foundation builds and brokers novel partnerships between public and private organizations, for example in crop improvement and the development of smallholder-relevant traits. Other Foundation partnerships open farmers’ access to markets for inputs and outputs.
Our Foundation has repeatedly shown its commitment and ability to engage in new partnerships and develop them successfully. We shall continue to do so. 
Dr. Simon Winter
Executive Director
Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture