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Getting down - and up - to business


In India, our Agri-Entrepreneur (AE) program benefits smallholders in all sorts of ways. A colleague there is writing portraits that provide examples of these and other developments. See what Parikrama Chowdhry says about:

* Bawan Chibhade and his brothers, who transformed their lives with vegetables

Manoj Bage, who found the sweet-spot of an entirely new crop   

(These two portraits were added on April 16th)

as well as about

Chandrama Nag, who's experienced the injustices suffered by many women in poverty. Now, however, she is a successful agricultural entrepreneur  

* How the fortunes of a marginalized farmer bloomed with marigolds (photo) - and an AE's advice helped many of her neighbors, too


* how an AE spotted an opportunity for a return from construction to farming - in this case, watermelons.