AEs help business bloom

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In India, our Agri-Entrepreneur (AE) program benefits smallholders in all sorts of ways. A colleague there is writing portraits that provide examples of these and other developments. See what Parikrama Chowdhry says about:

* how veg puts rice growers on a better path

* the spirit of “Yes, we can

* faith and focus bringing business success

(added in June) 

* the transformational power of tomatoes

(added in May) 

* Bawan Chibhade and his brothers, who transformed their lives with vegetables

* Manoj Bage, who found the sweet-spot of an entirely new crop   

(added mid-April)

as well as about

* Chandrama Nag, who's experienced the injustices suffered by many women in poverty. Now, however, she is a successful agricultural entrepreneur  

* How the fortunes of a marginalized farmer bloomed with marigolds - and an AE's advice helped many of her neighbors, too


* how an AE spotted an opportunity for a return from construction to farming - in this case, watermelons.

Further portraits are available here