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2019 was our first full year with a new Performance Measurement (PM) system. We use it to record the results of our activities consistently. So you can see how we're doing, we've turned the data into a Report

During 2019, we tracked five Key Performance Indicators* in a dozen countries. We also charted developments in our Policy work, and assessed the reach of our Strategic Grant partnerships. Together, these figures provide a baseline for comparing future performance. Additional texts describe activities not yet covered by PM.

In 2020, so far, despite all the current challenges, we are optimistic that our results will improve. We're also getting better at feeding data into the PM system. And we plan to add further indicators, notably in climate-resilient agriculture. 

Once fully implemented, the PM system should enable us to monitor progress across our entire portfolio, helping us to learn more and prioritize faster. 

We hope you enjoy reading this report. Please let us know how we could improve it.

*Our KPIs are the number of smallholders accessing SFSA-supported products, the number of businesses selling these, their total sales, the number of products developed and their status in the pipeline. 

Our older reports are available here.

Photo: Syngenta Foundation Bangladesh