Farming deserves wise “tweetment“

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In many countries, farming gets a bad press. Some parts of society reject agricultural technology, for example. That’s reflected not only in traditional media, but also in the so-called blogosphere. Social media channels are full of anti-technology claims and accusations. If they came from certain well-known sources, one might be tempted to term some of them “alternative facts“.  

Fortunately, there are also more constructive alternatives. On Twitter, we think our page is an example. But why not  judge for yourself

In one recent tweet, we asked for nominations of daily newspapers that support farming, including ag technology. There are some great examples, like Kenya's Nation with its "Seeds of Gold".  But in many countries, they are sadly few and far between. Which supportive paper (non-trade) would you nominate

If you don’t yet follow @syngentafdn, perhaps you‘d like to. We only started tweeting frequently last July, so we’re still learning. And unlike some of modern agriculture’s noisier opponents, we’re also open to suggestions. 

Is there a topic you’d like us to address? Clearly, it should be related to smallholder farming and/or our Foundation. (We won’t usually tweet about sport, pets, celebrities or Brexit). And ideally it should be about something on which we have a useful opinion. 

But that still leaves quite a big field. So send us your ideas for topics that deserve better “tweetment“.