Helping future wheats see the light of day

Recent News

Wheat is one of the world’s most important crops. Meeting future demand is a huge challenge. Annual rates of yield increase need to double by 2050. But if current rates continued, the increase would be less than 40% of what's needed. Urgent action is required. 

The International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) was launched in 2014 to address this gap. We are one of the founders. 

IWYP is a novel funding and coordination partnership. It brings together research funders, international aid agencies, foundations, companies, and major wheat research organizations. We devote a page of our website to the partnership. In the last few weeks, we've added a lot of links and information.  

In March, we provided our own backgrounder. This month, the partnership has begun a series of Science Briefs. It also recently issued its Report 2018-19, and for a quick overview, produced a one-page summary.

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