“It’s great to be able to do my best every day”

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Adisti Novarinda is responsible for Treasury Finance and Operational Support at YASI in Indonesia. We asked her about this new organization, her work there, Diversity & Inclusion – and some more personal questions.

Syngenta Foundation: What does your work mainly involve?
Adisti Novarinda: I oversee the YASI finances in general, keep an eye on the cash flow and manage the operational support for all our needs in the field and office.

Where did you work before?
Before the creation of YASI, I worked directly for projects sponsored by the Syngenta Foundation. My main previous role had been the Supporting and Development Senior Supervisor at a well-known financial company.

How has the creation of YASI changed the way you work?
The culture and goals are similar; my direct colleagues and our project partners have remained the same. But setting up a small unit such as YASI can provide very good chances for employees to develop, both personally and professionally. It’s early days yet, but I am confident that we’ll all benefit.

What challenges do you particularly enjoy about your work?
In agriculture, I can get involved in topics that I hadn’t previously had the chance to explore. Management here gives me lots of opportunities to expand my capability and knowledge. It’s very motivating to be able to do my best every day and help YASI to operate even better.

What’s your favorite ‘productivity hack’?
The ‘Do in Two’ rule is really easy to follow, and a big help. If a job can be completed within two minutes, don’t delay it! You can get so much get done in 120 seconds: answering a short mail, arranging to call a business partner, organizing your agenda…. Put these simple things first and get them out of the way. Very productive!

Alongside your financial role, you are also one of the two Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Champions at YASI. Why did you volunteer for that additional work, and what does it involve?
Being a D&I Champion is another great opportunity for me. Indonesia has a lot of diversity and needs to make the best out of it. As a Champion, I can help tackle any related issues, whether internally or in our work with farmers and other partners. My colleague here and I can also exchange perspectives and possible solutions with the Syngenta Foundation D&I champions in other countries.

Where do you see room for D&I improvement?
The recent UN Day of Persons with Disabilities was a healthy reminder that many societies hold people back for ‘being a bit different’. I personally believe that YASI – and the Syngenta Foundation – should help open up more opportunities for rural people with disabilities. They deserve to get a better life.  The World Bank estimates that about one in seven people worldwide has moderate or severe disabilities.  So there is huge potential here!

Adisti Novarinda: 11 personal questions

Where are you from? East Java, Surabaya, Indonesia

Who most inspires you? My parents

What’s the best place you’ve visited? Bali

What would you consider your ‘spirit animal’? A panda: very cute at first sight, but definitely better to have as a friend than an enemy!   

What are you particularly proud of? Being a MOM (Mother Of Multitasking) for my two children.

Agriculture always leads us to food. What’s your favorite dish? Admit it: You expected me to say Nasi Goreng, didn’t you? But it’s actually sirloin steak and noodles.

What hidden talents or hobbies do you have?  It’s not very hidden. I love singing. I even competed in ‘Indonesian Idol’, but unfortunately, the jury preferred somebody else!

Are you a morning lark or a night owl? An owlark. I go to sleep late and wake up early.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? An artist or singer.

What was your favorite subject in school? English.

How would your friends describe you? “She has a good sense of humor, is spontaneous, hard-working… and can be moody!”

Pictures captions

  • Main image: (from left to right) Adisti in the field (Malang, East Java) with Mr. Heru (Seeds2B Technical Specialist). Photo by Mr. Ronny Setiawan (Agriservices Indonesia Manager) in front of Toko Tani, Pancer Tani Partner.
  • Second picture with the group: YASI signing agreement with Donor (Mr. Dana Karya), from left to right : Mr Mori Prananto (AIS Indonesia Manager), Mr Ronny Setyawan (Agriservices Indonesia Manager), Mr Dana Karya (the Donor), Mr Otjim A (Founder YASI), Mr Teddy Tambu (Country Directors of YASI) and Me (Adisti Novarinda as a Finance and Operational)