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Opening new business doors for ag transformation: Youth entrepreneurship in farm value chains and rural development

Webinar co-organized by IFPRI and the Syngenta Foundation, October 7th

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As entrepreneurs, young people can play a major role in the transformation of agriculture. In developing countries, too few of them currently get the chance. But numerous governments are now creating entrepreneurial agribusiness opportunities through new programs and policies. The private sector, investors and non-profit organizations are also closely involved.

Big questions remain to be answered, however. How can the necessary business environment best be strengthened? How can multi-stakeholder initiatives most benefit young people? What is required for sustainable success?

This webinar looked at key issues. Led off by our Director Simon Winter, the international speakers pointed to the multi-faceted opportunities. They also examined the constraints and challenges of agri-enterprises in developing countries. (Access to credit and suitable expertise can be particularly tough hurdles). The panel highlighted key drivers and discussed how governments, non-profits, and companies can best strengthen youth entrepreneurship in the agricultural value chain.

As several speakers noted, ag entrepreneurship offers excellent openings. It is essential that youth see agribusiness, not as a last resort (sadly, often the case), but realize that it is exactly the opposite. All along the ag value chain, there are great areas in which to innovate, play a crucial role in feeding the world - and earn good money! 

Our Policy Head Yuan Zhou and her IFPRI co-author Suresh Babu also presented their recent study in Nigeria. We'll make this available soon. Meanwhile, you'll find a study summary and the webinar presentations on our Rural Entrepreneurship page. 

Read two studies and papers: