Signs our Hubs mean business

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Our Farmers’ Hub (FH) program* creates one-stop commercial centers for smallholders. At their local Hub, farmers can access products and services such as inputs, rental machinery and agronomic advice. They can also aggregate their produce for joint sale to lucrative large-scale buyers. FH help to increase productivity and rural income, as well as providing new jobs for local entrepreneurs. Our Foundation (SFSA) created this business model in Bangladesh. We are now also introducing Hubs in Senegal, Indonesia, Myanmar and Kenya.  

GBK Enterprise (GBK-E) is a major FH franchisor in northern Bangladesh. GBK-E and SFSA recently set the relationship on a new footing. Our photo shows the official signing ceremony.  Among those involved were Moazzem Hossain (Chairman, GBK-E), Bhupesh Roy (Managing Director, GBK-E), Robert Berlin (Head of Agriservices, SFSA) and Farhad Zamil (Country Director, SFSA Bangladesh), 

Guest of Honor Robert Berlin said: “After a couple years of research and piloting, our Farmers’ Hubs have become a tried and tested model. New entrepreneurs now entering this sustainable business immediately become providers of valuable services and advice to neighboring smallholders.” 

Farhad Zamil announced that a further Signing Ceremony with franchisors elsewhere in Bangladesh will follow soon. 

* More on Farmers' Hubs and the recently launched e-version