Taking challenges by the horns

Recent News

The Syngenta Foundation has been working in India since 2005. A recent book* charts the history of our successes and setbacks. Work continues on several fronts. Bringing you up to date on particular aspects, we've recently posted four case studies on our Field Stories page. These introduce you to:

Kavita Kishor Patil, female agri-entrepreneur

Ravindra Benda, male agri-entrepreneur

Farmer Sadashiv and his family

and the Farmer Producer Organization of Boricha Ghoda 

We also work on a wide range of smallholder initiatives, and provide policy advice, for example on subsidies.

Our Publications & Papers pages feature a range of books and articles on Indian farming. Two recent examples are a paper on the "Private Sector and India’s Agricultural Transformation", and the *book by our Advisor Emeritus : "Commercial Agriculture by Indian Smallholders - from farm prospects to firm realities",  

If you would like to know more, or comment on our activities, or on Indian farming, please get in touch.