Website adds a face to the seed sector’s voice

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Around the globe, national associations are an important feature of the seed sector. Myanmar is no exception. The MSA is still young, but already works hard for its members. We’re a leading supporter, for example in communication.   

Over the last ten years, the seed market in Myanmar has taken major steps forward. The first significant Seed legislation came into force in 2013. Since 2016, Myanmar has had a National Seed Policy, joined a year later by an Action Agenda. For the last two years, all applications for permissions related to seed have been fully digital. 

Along this path to a flourishing seed system for Burmese farmers, the Myanmar Seed Association (MSA) was established in 2019. Initial support came from the Netherlands, through the Integrated Seed Sector Development project (ISSD). The MSA represents private seed companies. Its 12 founding members include international suppliers such as East-West Seed, as well as local competitors like Ayeyarwady Seeds and Malarmyaing.

Our Myanmar team member Ye Pyae Kwaw comments: “MSA is the voice of the seed sector here. As well as such companies, membership also covers organizations and individuals engaged in seed research, production and management.” The Association’s mission is to bring high-quality seeds to farmers, and to develop the seed sector through services to its members. To ensure seed quality, MSA works hard to ensure adherence to Myanmar’s rules and regulations for the sector.

For the past few years, our Foundation has also been active in local seed sector development. “We provide advice on seed legislation and policy”, explains Ye Pyae, “and we help new varieties get out to farmers.” Ye Pyae and our international Seeds2B team focus on cereals, pulses and oilseeds in Myanmar’s Central Dry Zone. “A big part of our work is helping local seed organizations build their capabilities”, Ye Pyae adds. 

From there, it was a small and natural step for us to help MSA develop its official website. Created in 2021, the site aims to improve communication and networking across the seed sector. “We also hope that it will encourage further organizations to join”, says our Seeds2B Asia head, Hervé Thieblemont. “I see creation of this website as a significant milestone for the Association.” 

MSA President Khin Myo Khaing recently expressed her thanks to our Foundation. “We gratefully acknowledge your support”, she said. “You make an important contribution to the Association’s work linking up farmers and seed businesses, and to raising the performance of our entire sector.”