YASI opens avenues for Indonesia growth

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We have entered into a long-term collaboration with Yayasan Agri Sustineri Indonesia. Our aim is to further a common commitment to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and innovations that can improve the livelihoods of Indonesia farmers and their communities.

Yayasan Agri Sustineri Indonesia (YASI)* was established earlier this year with the Indonesian Ministry of Law & Human Rights. YASI’s social and humanitarian purpose is particularly focused on promoting sustainable agriculture and improving farming systems and livelihoods in rural communities.  

Given our shared social mission, the Syngenta Foundation (SFSA) views YASI as an important long-term strategic partner. SFSA is therefore pleased to support YASI’s activities with grant funding as well as operational and technical assistance.

“By working with the YASI, we will be able to further our existing sponsored programs**”, says Robert Berlin, SFSA’s Head of Agriservices, Digital Delivery, and Country Programs.

YASI will be led by Teddy Tambu as Chair of the YASI Board of Management. The current YASI Trustees are Dr. Otjim Alkasim and SFSA Executive Director Dr. Simon Winter.

”The YASI team greatly looks forward to the collaboration” declares Teddy Tambu. “Together with SFSA, we will be able to further mobilize expertise, technology, and financial resources, both locally and internationally, that can increase our impact in Indonesia”.

For further information, please contact: information@yayasanagrisustineri.org

*Yayasan Agri Sustineri Indonesia

Jl. Letjen Simatupang no 41, Beltway Office Park,

Tower B 5th Floor Room 533, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu,

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Tel. +622129857332