The offer of Seeds2B


Better access to seeds requires two elements: identifying new, improved varieties and then producing and distributing the seed to smallholders. In many developing countries, however, the links between R&D, production and the potential market are weak; there is need for a facilitator - such as Seeds2B. 

See how our QuickTrials app for field trials helps in this process.  

Seeds2B Scope of Services:

Market need & new varieties

Finding varieties with traits that meet market need and developing business cases


Carrying out comparative trials to assess performance and market acceptance of new varieties (through screening, adaptation and marketing trials)

Marketing consent & policy

Assisting organizations with registrations of new varieties (at national or regional level), including advice on key issues related to commercial variety protection

Disseminate results of registration case studies to policy-makers, providing them with insights from an applicants perspective

B2B market links

Facilitating distribution deals (Business-to-Business, B2B) to connect local businesses to breeders with new, improved varieties


Building equitable partnerships between breeders and seed producers (under license or joint venture)

Building capacity of NARS on intellectual property rights (IPR) management

Technical/Marketing support

Providing guidance to reduce risks in seed multiplication (agronomic or commercial business planning support)

Advising on variety portfolio expansion

Facilitating new downstream links


Tracking new seed sales of new, improved varieties introduced by the Seeds2B program

Carrying out in-depth impact studies for selected projects