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Ottawa Conference 2012


Implementing Public-Private Partnerships in Agriculture 


Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are vital for progress in agriculture and the pursuit of sustainable food security. They engage complementary strengths to achieve more than any partner could do alone.
Many organizations advocate the creation of PPPs. However, their potential in addressing agricultural supply challenges and food security remains largely untapped. 
The Ottawa conference and its follow-up activities aimed to improve this situation. The conference involved business leaders, government representatives, academic, and other experts. Together, we want to advance a new agenda for promoting and implementing PPPs in agricultural development and the food value chain. 
Joint hosts of this invitation-only event were Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Syngenta Foundation. Here is how IDRC reported on the proceedings.  

Additional PPP Resources:
The "Presentations" on this website include extensive further PPP material.
In the left-hand column above, you can access a guidance framework on creating and running PPPs, as well as interviews with experts.