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Nigeria meeting
Farmers’ Hub Network Managers link up in Nigeria


To beat hunger, Nigeria needs to drive agricultural innovation. Rural entrepreneurs can play a key role. A recent Syngenta Foundation event brought them together with companies similarly committed to improving food security. 

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recently warned that more than 25 million Nigerians could soon be facing acute food insecurity. One major reason is the neglect of agricultural production. To help tackle this problem, our Foundation has joined forces locally with OCP Africa and Olam.  Our Farmers' Hub (FH) model and greenhouse technologies play a big role. 

Our Nigerian team recently hosted a two-day meeting in Abuja for FH Network Managers. They came to the capital from Kano, Benue, Oyo, and Lagos. The represented companies such as Royal Blue, Gold Agric, Farm Help, Larabawa Agro, Purity Heritage, GAWAL, and Zuma Rock Production.

“The primary focus was to review, plan, and strategize for the 2024 farming season”, says our Country Head Isaiah Gabriel. “That included the important topic of establishing the best channels to boost FHs’ market presence. But the meeting was also about building good relations with farmers and agri-entrepreneurs. We also took a good look at the deployment of greenhouse technologies to increase food security, exports, and economic growth". 

Welcoming the participants, Isaiah specially acknowledged OCP Africa and Olam for their shared vision of achieving food security. He urged the Network Managers to “think like businesspeople”. As he put it: "The sustainability of each Farmers’ Hub investment rests squarely in your hands." Every FH stands to benefit from good interactions with companies such as Olam, OCP and Syngenta, he stressed. 

OCP Africa’s Project Agronomist Odunago Orowumi thanked our team Foundation for its “visionary approach”. He described the meeting as “a business forum dedicated to bringing food security to Nigeria, Africa, and the world”. Explaining his company’s role, Odunago emphasized OCP’s commitment to supplying high-quality fertilizers to help farmers maximize their output. He urged participants to “seize the collaboration opportunity and make the most of it”.

Dr. Emmanuel Sangodele, a Chief Agronomist at Olam, similarly called on the network managers to capitalize on the opportunities available. "The aim of this meeting is to collaborate and build the capacity of farmers. Olam is ready to partner with you all”, he declared. “Let's collaborate to build a more secure food future."

Presentations covered a range of topics. Timothy Azakere from our Foundation explained the role of Network Managers; Royal Blue’s Ahmad Liman offered them a comprehensive performance review. Emmanuel Sangodele, Syngenta’s Emmanuel Akor and Nnaemeka Odionye from OCP Africa examined numerous business opportunities. Comfort Onyaga from Izanu Insurance presented inclusive, climate-resilient Warranties, “co-created by farmers for farmers”. Tackling food insecurity is a multi-faceted task.