Public-private partnerships: Reference sources

Recent publications for reference (see below* for further details)
» Public-private partnerships in agricultural research and development.
» Stewardship and liability.
» Intellectual property.
» Business sectors beyond agriculture and food security.

Public-private partnerships: a database of examples

The Syngenta Foundation has created a database of information and contacts on PPPs in agriculture. 
Part of an ongoing initiative conducted with Canada's IDRC, the Foundation believes this database will assist the development community, the public sector, academia, non-profit organizations, and private companies.   
Scope and content
The database initially contains around 150 examples. They cover both value chain initiatives and R&D projects. A comprehensive description of each PPP uses key parameters such as country, crop, objectives, partners involved, stage of value chain addressed, R&D target, dates, costs, benefits, and achievements so far.  Where appropriate and possible, it supplies quantitative metrics upon which future cost-benefit analysis can be based. The Foundation plans to make this database searchable soon online.
Access our PPP database (currently available as a pdf).
The Foundation greatly welcomes comments on existing entries and proposals for new ones. Please send yours to


* Further reading

Public-private partnerships in agricultural research and development.
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Intellectual property.

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Business sectors beyond agriculture and food security.
Public-private partnership 

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