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Here is our Performance Measurement Report 2019.

This is the first publication using a new form of data-collection and reporting at the Foundation. Please tell us what you think


Syngenta Sustainable Business Report 2019: Accelerating innovation in a changing world 

This company publication contains a double page on the Syngenta Foundation. For earlier reports, see below. 


New routes to smallholder prosperity: January 2019 report from our international conference on insurance.

For further conference reports, see below.


Syngenta Foundation Review 2016-2018
Download [PDF]

Syngenta Foundation Review 2014-2015
Download [PDF]

Syngenta Foundation Review 2012-2013

Scaling up through enterprise: Report from an international Syngenta Foundation conference, July 2017

The future of small farms: Report from an international Syngenta Foundation / CABI conference, January 2017