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Training up youth for tomorrow's agriculture

Syngenta Foundation India helps train rural youth for new jobs around farming. Seven training centers for Agriculture Technology Assistants are hard at work. Project Coordinator Ravindra Katre told us more.

Seeds of choice, seeds of pride

Our staff continues to publish articles. A recent example appears in Agriculture. This examines why Kenyan smallholders choose certified seed potato. Two SFSA employees are among the authors. Good seed spells food, income and pride - a topic of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. How can farmers afford better seed and grow profitable crops? In an editorial, our Director points to access and risk reduction

So... what's our impact?

We work on numerous initiatives worldwide. Our goals are ambitious, the partnerships well organized. But what difference do we make? In Bangladesh, a major focus is on Farmers’ Hubs. In 2016, we surveyed the impact: Here are the results. We also examined the impact of our Qorichacra market linkages in Latin America. Read the summary of this former SFSA initiative. And to complete an intercontinental trio, we took a mid-project look at our radio extension in Kenya. We're delighted with the results so far.

For farm info, tune to local radio

February 13th was World Radio Day; the 21st was the UN's Mother Language Day. Radio in local languages plays a key role in farmer training. We work with Kilimo Media International to stimulate radio agricultural extension in Kenya. Crucially, our initiative focuses on "small" local languages. We're delighted with the results so far. See here why radio and language choice are so important for farming.


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