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Seeds2B Team

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Victoria Johnson-Chadwick
Interim Head of Agricultural Partnerships 

Tony Gathungu
Head of Seeds2B Africa

Herve Thieblemont

Herve Thieblemont
Regional Seed Business Development Lead, Asia

Sunil Hemdev
Seeds2B Relationship Manager

Yuan Zhou
Head of Agricultural Policy and China Program

Miriam Gutherz
Program manager Seeds2B

Camille Renou
Seeds2B Lead Africa

Nathalie Vignaux
Seeds2B Operational Excellence Lead

Ye Pyae Kyaw
Seeds Portfolio Manager, Myanmar

Gabriel Isaiah
Project Coordinator, Nigeria

A.M. Rao
Seeds2B Coordinator, India

Aboubacar Diarra
Seeds2B Coordinator, Mali

Abdoulaye Diop
Key Account Manager Seed, Senegal

Samuel Gikonyo
Project Manager, Kenya

Martin Thuo
Project Officer, Kenya

Harriet Nasha
Project Admin Assistant, Kenya

Patrick Mutua
Project Officer, Kenya

Margaret Njambi 
Commercial and Program Manager, Kenya

Dao Xuan Cuong
Technical Advisor, Vietnam 

Raghavender Dantapuram

Mohamad Heru Lazuardi