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Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

What's new on this site?
We support the International Wheat Yield Partnership. The IWYP has now selected its first projects for grants. Other new items on our website include factfiles on service centers / centres de services for rice intensification. Seeds2B have added customer & supplier info, and a section on harmonizing policy. Recent presentations look at "Bridging the last mile" and "Change Management in Agriculture".
New conference hears about breeding for smallholders
TropAg is a new biennial conference on the science of tropical farming. Our Foundation's Senior Scientific Advisor, Vivienne Anthony, addressed the inaugural meeting in Australia. Her presentation asked: "Can demand-driven breeding increase smallholder adoption?" 
Crop yields need to rise rapidly
At the recent Emerging Markets Forum, our Foundation emphasized the huge importance of raising crop yields. These are lagging behind demand. Yield growth broadly depends on genetic gain and crop management. The good news, therefore, is that science has a lot to contribute. However, there are numerous challenges. Here's our paper on "Crop Yields and the Prospect for Food Security
LATAM updates on veg project
Our "Qorichacra" initiative in Latin America continues to expand. It links smallholder vegetable growers to lucrative markets previously unreachable for them. Earlier this year, together with a major partner, we started a Qorichacra newsletter. The latest issues are out now, in Spanish and Portuguese.