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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

Field stories

Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are vital for the development of agriculture. But we all still have a lot to learn about them. That's why the Syngenta Foundation helped set up AgPartnerXChange. This innovative platform aims to improve capacity for PPPs that engage smallholders, worldwide. Come and see for yourself.
SFSA books its place in extension
Farmer education, "extension", is a major topic for us. We work both on the practice and theory. Our Head of Research & Policy Analysis has already written on India, for example. Now Yuan Zhou has a book coming out. In "Knowledge Driven Development: Private Extension & Global Lessons", she and her co-author examine companies' role in knowledge-sharing. The book is available for advance order. Meanwhile, here's an Asian roundtable on extension, and a look at the role of radio and language.
Read the latest on golden lettuces
Our "Qorichacra" project helps Latin American smallholders sell into sophisticated and lucrative markets. Together with a major partner, we recently started a newsletter in Spanish and Portuguese. We also now have a Spanish brochure plus a Portuguese version.
Interviews that speak for themselves
This website frequently interviews experts. Our most recent example describes the rescue of a genebank from Syria. Earlier this year we asked about farming in West Africa, looked at the ins and outs of CIAT, and discussed a favorite Foundation topic: "R,D & D". 
Partner's publication presents PPP power
As you'll see on our demand-led breeding page, Australia's ACIAR is one of our partners in the Alliance for Agricultural R&D for Food Security. ACIAR's flagship publication is Partners in Research for DevelopmentIssue 1/2015 focuses on the private sector as an engine of growth, and the great value of public-private partnerships.