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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

Field stories

Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

“Soybeans? Smallholders could meet much more of the demand”
Soybean demand in Africa is large, but imports dominate. To compete, local smallholders need better seeds. James Wathiru is helping them gain access. We asked our Kenyan team member about the crop’s special features, and how improved soybean gets to growers. Here is the interview in English and Swahili.
New films, new review
Our new film shows how an international team is improving tef, the "orphan" national cereal of Ethiopia. We've supported this work from the start. A second video, kindly produced by Kenyan partners, features how smallholders and others find out about improved soybean varieties (see also our interview opposite). And here is our new Review.
Ag research prize invites entries
The SFIAR gives an annual Award for agricultural research for development. We're a supporter. The Award is open to graduates and scientists from Swiss institutions. There's CHF 5000 for the top PhD or Post-Doc project, and 1000 for the best Master thesis. Submission is easy. The deadline is July 14th.
Experts link up to improve South Asia’s potatoes
The International Potato Center (CIP), Dutch potato company HZPC and our Foundation are starting a new partnership. Our joint aim is to develop better potatoes for smallholders in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia. Here is what we told the media in English en hier is de nederlandse persbericht. Learn more about CIP in our recent interview in English y Español