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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

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Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

New website, new country: insurance
Our Foundation pioneered smallholder weather insurance in East Africa. Now Acre Africa, the company we founded to take this forward, has a new website. And as this media report shows, we're also helping in India. The first smallholders there have registered for a pilot Replanting Guarantee. Here's some background from India's Financial Express. Let us know what you think about the topic. 
Partners write on West Africa - and now jatropha
Our Foundation works with Prof. John Staatz and colleagues on agricultural integration. John has now co-authored Agricultural Growth in West Africa. The media release and book link are in English and French. Participants in our former work in Honduras, meanwhile, recently published "Lipase-catalyzed biodiesel production and quality with Jatropha curcas oil".
Foundation writes on extension and rice
Yuan Zhou, our Head of Research & Policy Analysis, is co-editor of the new book "Knowledge Driven Development; Private Extension and Global Lessons". Yuan, Suresh Babu of IFPRI and contributors illustrate companies' work in agricultural extension. Also recently published is a training manual (in French) for rice seed production, co-authored by Camille Renou.  
Helping beat a new maize killer
Africa's corn is under huge threat from Maize Lethal Necrosis. Tackling MLN quickly is vital. Our Foundation is helping in several ways. For example, we contributed to the new CIMMYT info on diagnosis and MLN-free seed production. Read the latest MLN report in Science Africa.