What is the future of small farms?

That was the question at our recent conference with CABI. International participants discussed a wide range of topics. They included different types of smallholders, issues related to land consolidation, and new digital tools. Further subjects were access to seeds and financial services. These include a Foundation speciality, insurance. Here is what one of many organizations tweeted. A fuller publication follows soon. If you would like a pdf by mail, just say so.

Mechanization doesn't just happen

Mechanization is crucial to improving farm productivity. However, it needs careful planning and supportive policies. Participants at our recent workshop in Senegal made several recommendations. Here is how the Francophone media Leral and Dakar actu reported on the event. 

For farm info, tune to local radio

February 13th was World Radio Day; the 21st is the UN's Mother Language Day. Radio in local languages plays a key role in farmer training. We work with Kilimo Media International to stimulate radio agricultural extension in Kenya. Crucially, our initiative focuses on "small" local languages. We're delighted with the results so far. See here why radio and language choice are so important for farming.


So... what's our impact?

We work on numerous initiatives worldwide. Our goals are ambitious, the partnerships well organized. But what difference do we make? In Bangladesh, a major focus is on Farmers’ Hubs. In 2016, we surveyed the impact: Here are the results. We also examined the impact of our Qorichacra market linkages in Latin America. Read the summary. And to complete an intercontinental trio, we took a mid-project look at our radio extension in Kenya. See the "radio" news block next door!

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