IRRI breeds for the best in rice

George Kotch is Head of Plant Breeding at IRRI. We recently asked him about changes there, the benefits of PPPs, and his new life in the Philippines. George also talked about the special importance of rice, and gave some advice to young professionals. Read the interview in English or Mandarin. And see how our Foundation works on rice, for example in West Africa.

So... what's our impact?

We work on numerous initiatives worldwide. Our goals are ambitious, the partnerships well organised. But what difference do we make? In Bangladesh, a major focus is on Farmers’ Hubs. In 2016, we surveyed the impact: Here are the results. We also examined the impact of our Qorichacra market linkages in Latin America. Read the summary. And to complete an intercontinental trio, we took a mid-project look at our radio extension in Kenya. We're delighted with how it's going

Adding the action to ag adaptation

The UN's recent COP22 climate meeting included a session on "Adaptation of African Agriculture: Science to Action". We were directly involved, both through Board member Mohamed Ait Kadi and with a presentation by our weather insurance lead Olga Speckhardt. The session generated an outcome statement and a media release.

How good is big business for African farmers?

Views differ widely! In an online debate, the UK's Guardian newspaper asked experts for theirs. Among the participants in this live desktop Q&A was our Executive Director, Marco Ferroni. Debating alongside him were representatives of Diageo, the Small FoundationFarm Africa and the FAO. Here's what they wrote.

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