About us

The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) is an implementing foundation that bridges the gap between research for innovations and their delivery for use by smallholders.

We help innovations reach scale through entrepreneurship and enterprise models. We combine the best of scientific, non-profit, and private sector thinking and doing. 

SFSA works on innovations with CGIAR centers, university labs, and other organizations. The potential scope of innovations to make smallholder farming more resilient in the face of climate change is broad. SFSA's current work spans climate adaptation areas as diverse as soil health, water use efficiency, post-harvest solutions, and crop insurance. We engage smallholders in all the innovation processes, for example, through 'Proof of Concept' studies and field trials. All our seed access work is demand-led, focusing on farmers' evolving needs and challenges. SFSA's innovations address the unmet needs of pre-commercial smallholders. We support research being applied and tested locally, through rigorous, scientific, stage-gate processes. We enable private enterprises to offer the resulting appropriate products and services commercially to low-income farmers.





Our vision is a bright future for smallholder farming






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Our mission is to strengthen smallholder farming and food systems; we catalyze market development and delivery of innovations while building capacity across the public and private sectors.







We’ve been working for 40 years and keep getting better. And some of the improvements are huge. Despite Covid19, our programs supported more than 2.7 M smallholders in 2022. That was close to a 100% improvement from the previous year. One of our most important priorities right now is to help those farmers cope with the consequences of climate change.

Simon Winter
Executive Director Syngenta foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
Simon Winter
our strategy

Our strategy

The Syngenta Foundation (SFSA) ran its last major Strategic Review over a decade ago. Since then, SFSA has grown and diversified considerably.

The annual Syngenta investment, external co-funding, and the number of partners, projects, and employees have all markedly increased. So have the spread of crops and topics on which we work and the choice of countries in which we do so. In this way, we have greatly increased our impact on smallholder farming systems.

We need to stay focused on our strengths and priorities to achieve them. In parallel, our operating environment also continues to alter. The changes offer some opportunities for smallholder farmers. But they also include major global challenges which we must address. Climate change heads the list.


Our Values


We invest in and enable innovations for the long-term impact that help smallholders prosper and thrive sustainably and resiliently. Agility and an entrepreneurial mindset are crucial here.



Ethics, safety, and compliance are core to the way we operate. As our Statutes demand, we work outside the commercial arena of Syngenta, remaining independent in our views and decisions.


Respect & growth for all

We embrace a diverse and inclusive culture in our teams and programs that encourage opportunities for all, notably women, and respect diverse opinions and abilities.


Collaborative spirit

Our work in partnership and programs is based on trust and transparency.



Driving to achieve our vision and create a sustainable impact is at the heart of all we do.



We earn trust by delivering on our commitments and creating value for our beneficiaries.

Our values

Our contribution to the SDGs

Food and agriculture profoundly impact all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We primarily focus on SDG 2: Zero Hunger, while also prioritizing SDG 1: No Poverty and SDG 5: Gender Equality. By addressing these goals, we contribute to multiple SDGs, such as climate action, life on land, and good health and well-being, through sustainable food production and empowering marginalized communities.