Voices from the field

The introduction and adop­tion of a widely adaptable high­yielding variety meeting farmers’ needs can be a game­ changer. That is true in Senegal, for example, and the whole of West Africa. In partnership with Sunrise Agritec, the com­ pany which owns the variety, we aim to produce Kabamanoj corn seeds locally in Senegal.

Camille Renou

Syngenta Foundation

Camille Renou
Aguirou Ba

The new Kabamanoj corn matures quickly, and it has a higher yield than the varieties I used to grow. I even bought cattle and furniture this sea­ son because of the good yield.

Aguirou Ba

Farmer, Senegal

My Hubs offer multiple ser­vices to local farmers and raise their incomes. I provide servic­es such as nurseries, mecha­nization, advice, and crop sales. Last year, I sold 509,000 nurs­ery plants, enough for more than 20 hectares. Those plants had a total value of $ 42,000.

Seny Dème

Farmers’ Hubs owner, Senegal


The Foundation’s Seeds2B dissemination models will lead to a better corn seed system in the long term. After several years of the project in our re­ gion, farmers understand the benefits of improved varie­ ties. They also know that they need to be organized. That makes them stronger and more resilient in the face of uncer­ tainty and inflation.

Sina Coulibaly

PASTTA field officer, Mali