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Our Strategy (2021-2025)

The Syngenta Foundation (SFSA) ran its last major Strategic Review more than a decade ago. Since then, SFSA has grown and diversified considerably. The annual Syngenta investment, external co-funding, and the numbers of partners, projects, and employees have all markedly increased. So have the spread of crops and topics on which we work and the choice of countries in which we do so. In this way, we have greatly increased our impact on smallholder farming systems.

Our Vision is a bright future for smallholder farming. Our Mission is: To strengthen smallholder farming and food systems, we catalyse market development and delivery of innovations, while building capacity across the public and private sectors

To achieve them, we need to stay focused on our strengths and priorities. In parallel, our operating environment also continues to alter. The changes offer some opportunities for smallholder farmers. But they also include major global challenges which we must address. Climate change heads the list.

We describe some of the most important change drivers in a separate paper called “New challenges, new opportunities”. Like other papers referenced here, this is briefly summarized below.

The detailed papers form an integral part of our strategy documentation.

This is a Strategy, but not a plan. As you will read, the Strategy will be used to plan activities, globally and in our focus countries, that will enable us to achieve our new targets by 2025.

A French summary of the strategy is available here

Interview with our Executive Director - Simon Winter

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En route to a bright future for smallholder farming - Interview of our Executive Director

All papers

Strategy Paper

What will change over the next years? What will we keep the same?

Crops and Cropping Systems

Market development & poverty reduction

Climate-Smart, Resilient Agriculture

Improving smallholders’ resilience, mitigation, and profitability in all we do

Definitions, needs and success

The Syngenta Foundation’s position on smallholder farmers

The SFSA Impact Charter

How do we want to create change?

SFSA Lexicon

Terms and definitions

New challenges, new opportunities

The changing context for our work