Policy: Creating Conditions for Smallholder Success

Our work on policy aims to improve the enabling environment for smallholder farming and related businesses. Through applied policy-oriented research in agriculture, we put forward options and recommendations for improving policies, laws, and regulations as well as their implementation. We also strive to strengthen the policy analytical capacity of stakeholders in Africa and Asia.

Our policy influencing is currently mainly through the dissemination of our papers and knowledge, and organizing workshops and meetings with policymakers and other relevant stakeholders. We will play a greater role in policy advocacy and influencing going forward. Our aim is to facilitate change and the development of new areas of policy, in order to tackle unmet needs and opportunities around smallholder farming.

At the Foundation, we are engaged in a few selected areas of research. Our current portfolio includes seed policy and regional harmonization, agriculture R&D, rural entrepreneurship, climate-smart resilient agriculture, and soil health.

The policy team supports SFSA’s main work streams: Seeds2B, Agriservices, and Risk Management. Meanwhile, we increasingly explore topics fundamental across the Foundation as a whole such as youth, climate change, nutrition, market systems, and digital innovation, all in the realm of sustainable agriculture.

Please contact sfsa.policy@syngenta.com

Our Policy team has developed an SFSA Policy Watch to help our teams and partners navigate agriculture and food policy updates. The newsletter offers a monthly digest of key global, regional, and country news on agriculture and food policy related to smallholder agriculture. You will also receive a round-up of relevant upcoming events and recent publications.

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Promoting Low Carbon Crop Systems


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Yuan Zhou 
Head Agricultural Policy & China Program

Alva Kretschmer 
Policy Program Manager