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  • Here's our December 2021 case study of ag insurance in Indonesia.
  • In August 2019, SFSA launched its "Resilience Engine" insurance systems tool. Read more here
  • In September 2018, SFSA through its Agricultural Insurance team convened a conference entitled "New routes to smallholder prosperity; Unlocking the potential of farm insurance and finance".
  • In 2019, SFSA had commissioned the Initiative for Smallholder Finance (ISF) to review agriculture microinsurance for smallholders. 
  • The findings of this global landscape study formed the basis for the speeches and panel discussions at an event in Basel. The conference brought together well over 100 representatives of the development sector, insurance and reinsurance, regulatory and policy bodies, academia, and the private sector. Together, they examined gaps and challenges in risk management, explore new ideas and partnerships. Download the full SFSA Conference Report here.



Watch highlights from the conference 


  • Nasser B. Al-Kahtani, AGFUND, Executive Director, Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND)
  • Fatou Assah, Program Manager, World Bank Group
  • Roberto Akyuwen, Senior Executive Analyst, OJK
  • Tanvir Rahman Dhaly, Head of Business Development, Microfinance, BRAC
  • Tony Kalm, President, One Acre Fund
  • Reto Schnarwiler, Regional Leader EMEA Global Partnerships, Swiss Re