Everybody's doing it. What can one learn?

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Measuring performance and impact is a high priority for impact-driven organizations. Well done, it helps them steer their strategies and achieve their goals. Our Foundation will soon be publishing its second report on Highlights and Performance*. A new working paper presents some lessons we've picked up along the way.

"Like many other impact-driven organizations measuring performance, we've encountered complexities and challenges", says Andrea Balmer. As well as being our Program Manager Agriservices and R&D, Andrea also leads our Performance Measurement (PM) work.  

"This working paper summarizes the Foundation's lessons so far and reflects on success factors", comments her co-author Silvana Paniagua Tufinio from PM experts NewForesight. "Andrea and I offer some insights for like-minded organizations now starting or planning to introduce PM. We also call for collaboration to harmonize approaches and better understand impact." 

*Would you like our next PM report by e-mail? You can order it here.  

As well as Performance Management, we continue to publish on a wide range of topics. Recent examples include soil management & business, NPO growth & change, cassava, soil health and digital ag. We've also explained what we (!) mean by "sustainable agriculture" and helped show how India, China and Israel achieved food surplus. Two colleagues have edited a definitive book on smallholder farming. You'll find these and further topics on our Books & Papers page.