How do Kenyan farmers choose their potatoes?

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Sophie Sinelle is studying agriculture in France, combined with a three-year apprenticeship at our Foundation. In Kenya, she wanted to understand how smallholders choose ‘their’ varieties of potato. Here's what she found out…and much more besides! 

Here is Sophie's study (written in English).

Sophie Sinelle réalise ses études d’agriculture en France. Elle les combine avec un apprentissage chez notre Fondation. Au Kenya, elle a voulu comprendre comment les petits agriculteurs choisissaient ‘leurs’ variétés de pomme de terre. Voici ce qu’elle a découvert… et beaucoup plus ! 


The Syngenta Foundation frequently cooperates with students and university faculties, in a number of ways. For example: topics related directly to our work are a popular choice for Bachelor and Master theses.

In 2018, a German Master's student looked at our radio extension initiative in Kenya; a Swiss counterpart examined the impact of our earlier work with smallholders and McDonalds in Peru. (Berichte darüber sind auf den verlinkten Seiten auch auf Deutsch verfügbar).

Other recent examples include a 2017 paper on climate change and smallholders in Kenya, and 2018 studies of food safety in China.