Agriservices: eHub platform presentation

Mechanization Workshop Syngenta Foundation, Senegal

Mechanization can hugely improve farm productivity. In 2017, we ran a workshop on the topic in Senegal. Our film summary features comments by key participants. (In French, with English subtitles).    

Farmers' Hubs, Bangladesh

Bringing smallholders together significantly increases their ability to improve crop yields and income. In Bangladesh, our "Farmers' Hubs" provide a wide range of services that help link smallholders to lucrative markets. This film explains the hub idea and introduces some of the people involved.  

Tef Improvement Project

Tef is the national cereal of Ethiopia. However, yields of this crucial crop are far below their potential. See how an international team is improving tef - for smallholders and the whole country. Our Foundation has supported this work from the beginning.

Helping Andean villagers find a new market

Vegetable growers worldwide want a contract to supply McDonalds. But meeting the quality requirements is challenging. See how a Syngenta Foundation project has enabled Peruvian smallholders to tap into this valuable market.