Beijing Roundtable 2012 - Papers

Background Papers

National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center (NATESC), China
"Overview of the Development of Agricultural Technology Extension in China"
Nguyen Van BO (Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences) 
"Agricultural Extension in Vietnam: Its Roles, Problems and Opportunities"
Ruifa HU (School of Management and Economics, BIT, Beijing; CAAS) / Jikun HUANG (CAAS) / Kevin Z. CHEN (IFPRI)
"The Public Agricultural Extension System in China: Development and Reform"
Djuara P LUBIS (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)
"Agricultural Extension in Indonesia: Current Status and Possible Ways to Meeting Emerging Challenges"
Rasheed SULAIMAIN (Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy, India)
"Agricultural Extension in India: Current Status and Ways Forward"
Vo-Tong XUAN (Tan Tao University, Vietnam)
"Reinventing Agricultural Extension in Vietnam" 

Further Resources
Rasheed SULAIMAN / Andy HALL
"Extension Policy at the National Level in Asia"
Rasheed SULAIMAN (Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy, India)
"Extension-Plus: New Roles for Extension and Advisory Services"
Sunarru Samsi HARIADI
"History and Experiences of Agricultural Extension in Indonesia"
K Narayana GOWDA (University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore)
"Agricultural Extension Systems in India"
Regina BIRNER / Jock R ANDERSON (The World Bank)
"How to Make Agricultural Extension Demand-Driven?"
"Promises and Realities of Community-Based Agricultural Extension"
Claire GLENDENNING / Suresh BABU et al
"Evaluation of Value-Added Agricultural Advisory Services"
Claire GLENDENNING / Suresh BABU et al
"Extension in India: Are Farmers' Information Needs Being Met?"