Public-private partnerships: A guidance framework

Innovative approaches are needed to address food security issues for resource-poor farmers. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) can accelerate the delivery of outputs from agricultural R&D.

The Syngenta Foundation wishes to encourage new PPPs that can create unique outcomes unachievable by individual parties alone. However, we recognize that developing, negotiating, and establishing viable partnerships can be difficult. These web pages are designed to make the process easier.
Our guidance framework contains a series of stand-alone topics. They can be viewed individually or together to explore best practice on creating and making PPPs work. Each topic is fundamental and can make or break the formation of a partnership, or is material to the delivery of successful product outcomes.


» Introduction 
» Critical questions
» Initial engagement
» Strategic goals and alignment
» Intellectual property
» Commercial rights
» Operations and project management
» Product outputs
» Stewardship and liability
» Trust and mutual respect
» Communication and confidentiality
» Reference sources